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Chris Bauer is a photographer currently residing in

Vancouver, Washington U.S.

While interested in all styles of photography, Chris specializes in Light Painting & Long Exposure.


A history of video, landscape, abstract, portrait, & long exposure photography. "I became very interested in light painting photography in 2011 as I was becoming bored with "regular" photography. I was familiar with light painting to expose environments with a flashlight and had practiced it often in night photography, and in the caves of Mount St Helens near my home. I had tried spinning steel wool and loved the visual results in a long exposure. I began using LED lights and creating my own tools as I learned light painting technique. I already understood photography very well and for me I felt like I finally had a way to express myself as an artist/photographer through light painting. I found that the community of light painters from around the world are very friendly, and were extremely helpful as I was learning. Light painting has become my passion and a way for me to manifest my dreams into a creation. The challenge and satisfation of creating the image you imagined in a single exposure is a wonderful feeling. I am inspired by many light artists and I hope to inspire many with my art as well on this journey."

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