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Mel Tizzard(non-registered)
Love the web site Chris. You are a talent for sure!
Sergey Churkin(non-registered)
It was my pleasure to met you in person while LPWA Nevada Meet-up 2016, and I am very glad to collaborate with you, dear Chris! You're right, our community is very friendly and all together we could do much more :) Wish you well, see you soon on next LPWA events :)
Timo Rehpenning(non-registered)
Cheers mate!! Once again congrats on your second place at the ILPA 2015.
Real happy for you (and yes of course a little bit jealous of that Zeiss lens you'll get - use it for good!!! =) :-) I know you will!)
MAnuel PAul - MAgic PAssion Photography(non-registered)
Hey Chris, your last light painting stop motion clip was absolutely mind blowing to me.
Since I met Lightpainting, it drives me repeatedly to make stop motion and time-lapse clips.
I love and respect your work very much.
I agree with James De Lunas comment in 2013: You are one of the ablest Lightpainters!
That's what I want to tell you ..... :) Greets from Germany!

Bitter Buffalo(non-registered)
Really enjoy the site Chris, I find it personal and inspiring. It has a smooth flow much like your work. Keep up the positive vibes.

Your Friend,
Clyde, The Bitter Buffalo

Love your logo you should make shirts with your art and logo.
Catí Perona(non-registered)
Diggin the new look....
Your work has always been amazing and an inspiration to my own <3
Melissa Downing(non-registered)
Amazing!!! Your art makes me feel alive, it's like reading a really good book, you can't take your eyes off of it and you don't want it to end!
Michael Hill(non-registered)
Chris, you were just born with an eye for photography. ;-)
James de Luna(non-registered)
one of the best photographers and the best lightpainters in the world at the moment, always fresh and inspiring !
Kimberly Hall(non-registered)
To many to decide! Wonderful work!
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